steel horse odyssey

steel horse odyssey

around the world by motorcycle

the art of being unemployed

PreparationsPosted by Jan Lamers 31 Mar, 2012 17:43:50

Being jobless for the first time in 22 years is a strange feeling. I still get up early but in stead of going to work I now go to my garage to do some bike maintenance and modifications. I am proud of my latest asset, the home made tank bag. I converted a pacsafe shoulder bag into a tank bag and mounted it to my tank with two aluminum strips. I also fitted new keylocks to my Touratech cases, replacing the highly unpractical padlocks, and made some hand grips to unload the cases. See pics below. I completed the bike maintenance today. Friday April 6th I will ride the bike to Heidelberg Germany, from where it will be transported to Canada. Yup, life is quickly deteriorating now. No job, no car and as off next week no bike (at hand). smiley

last working days

PreparationsPosted by Jan Lamers 28 Feb, 2012 20:49:33
It is getting busy now. Lots to do at work, finishing the last cases, handing over work to colleagues, informing clients about my leave, and in the meanwhile arranging all kind of things for the trip: bike/health insurance, house rental, carnet de passages, bike transportation et cetera. Bought a nice pair of motorcycle boots this weekend Daytona Travel Star GTX. Next weekend I am going to work on my bike. Some maintenance needs to be done, setting valves, changing oils and oil filter. In a couple of weeks I will take the bike to "the boxer doctor"Mat Bekers for a final check up. After that I will ride it to Heidelberg, Germany to have it crated and transported to Vancouver BC.