steel horse odyssey

steel horse odyssey

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salar de uyuni

BoliviaPosted by Jan Lamers 14 Dec, 2012 00:45:53
From La Paz we rode via Oruro and Potosi to Uyuni. The main attraction there is the Salar the Uyuni, a vast salt plain. Due to rainfall the plain was flooded so we couldn't ride our bikes across. We decided to do a three day tour by 4x4 instead. The tour was spectacular. An enormous variety of scenery in very short distance: volcanoes, salt plains, desert, lakes, geysers. After the tour I rode to Calama in Chile via Ollague.

la paz blizzard

BoliviaPosted by Jan Lamers 02 Dec, 2012 21:45:00

We had the smoothest border crossing of our entire trip on our way to Copacabana, Bolivia. 5 miles from Copacabana is a tiny border crossing with hardly any traffic. It took us a bit more than an hour to cross and that was mainly because the customs officer was out for lunch when we arrived. We stayed for two days in Copacabana, a village that is very nicely situated on the shore of lake Titicaca. From Copacabana it was only 90 miles to La Paz. However short this was one of the toughest rides we had so far. Strong side wind gusts made the going quite tough and snowfall condensated my visor so much that I had to put it up in order to see where I was going. The snow was blowing hard in my face and the road got slippery here and there. We meandered through the La Paz traffic mayhem. My mouth and my fingers felt numb and a little hypothermic we arrived at our hotel en la Paz.