steel horse odyssey

steel horse odyssey

around the world by motorcycle

signed sealed delivered

ArgentinaPosted by Jan Lamers 17 Mar, 2013 07:29:15
The procedure of getting our bikes shipped was much smoother in Buenos Aires than earlier on in Panama city thanks to our agents Gaston and Horacio. They knew who to talk to and who to pay. On February 5 the container with our bikes and Nacho in it was sealed. I had another week to spend in Buenos Aires before leaving for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I found out that flying via Colombia and Holland was cheaper than flying directly from Buenos Aires to Kuala Lumpur. Strange but very nice because this way I could visit Clarena again in Colombia and my family and friends in Holland.

change of plans

ArgentinaPosted by Jan Lamers 03 Feb, 2013 15:39:38

We originally planned to ship our bikes from Buenos Aires to Australia. But when we ran into Sheena and Brad in El Chalten we were offered to share a container with them as they were going to ship Nacho to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. It would save us a lot of money and from Malaysia all options including travel to Australia were still open. So after looking into it a bit better with a world map spread out on the table we decided to change our plans and ship to Malaysia. And that is how we ended up all together in the Buenos Aires customs procedure which started off with a full day of waiting (yes from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm) just to sign some papers. We had to sign them in the street as customs only wanted to communicate with us through our broker Horacio.

buenos aires

ArgentinaPosted by Jan Lamers 03 Feb, 2013 15:30:14
In Buenos Aires we stay in the barrio San Telmo the cradle of tango. We share an apartment with Sheena and Brad, a couple from Flagstaff Arizona who are travelling the world with their Volkswagen van called Nacho (an abbreviation of the more dignified Ignacio). Buenos Aires is a blessing after 3000 kilometers of boring road, wind, grass and nothing. It has a very European feel with a lot of nice old architecture and the weather is sunny and warm. We enjoy the city a lot, seeing sights, drinking good coffee and walking around a fair bit. We met up with our Australian friends Linda and Andy again and went to see La Boca, Microcentro, Puerto Madero, La Recoleta and Palermo.

seeing a tree

ArgentinaPosted by Jan Lamers 28 Jan, 2013 03:49:04
The ride from Ushuaia up to Buenos Aires was beyond any doubt the most boring stretch we have traveled so far. Over 3000 kilometers with absolutely nothing to see. We came through cities with beautiful names like Comodoro Rivadavia only to find out that they were nothing more than a run down collection of buildings and roads. The scenery was even more boring. After four days of consecutive riding we actually got to see a tree which was the highlight of the day. To make the experience even worse, no matter which direction you were riding, there always was the fierce Patgonian side wind. Aftyer seven days of riding we finally arrived in Buenos Aires. From here we will ship our bikes to Asia. We're enjoying the city now and we are very happy that we won't have to ride our bikes for a couple of weeks.

down south

ArgentinaPosted by Jan Lamers 22 Jan, 2013 04:50:11
Hurray, after 38,000 kilometers we finally reached the end of the world (fin del mundo) in Ushuaia! This is the southernmost most point of our entire trip. It has been a long long way and we endured a lot of strong winds and relatively bad weather to get here. Relatively bad because apparently it is summer now in Ushuaia, but it appeares like late fall in Holland. The ride through Tierra del Fuego was really nice. The Chilean part was mainly marshland and pastures with sheep whereas the Argentinian part was more moutainous. The national park close to Ushuaia is very beautiful with snow capped mountains, meandering creeks and lakes.

ice ice baby

ArgentinaPosted by Jan Lamers 11 Jan, 2013 03:45:32

On the ride to Perito Moreno glaciar I nearly got blown of my bike a couple of times by the fierce windgusts. The ride was well worth the effort though as glaciar Perito Moreno is one of Patagonia's highlights. A huge white and blue ice mass. I guess it is about sixty to eighty meters high and it covers a whole valley. During our visit we saw some chunks breaking off with a loud cracking sound and fall into the water due to the melt down.

fitz roy

ArgentinaPosted by Jan Lamers 11 Jan, 2013 03:29:33
From Chile we crossed over into Argentina at the lake Buenos Aires. We encountered a lot of a dirt road that wore out my rear tire and a lot of cold and windy weather. After two days indoors we could finally leave our El Chalten hostel and wander off into the spectacular scenery of parque nacional Los Glaciares, home to famous Cerro Torre and the Fitz Roy range. We did a couple of really nice long hikes there. Unfortunately Cerro Torre stayed enshrouded in clouds and didn't reveal itself to us but we got a great view of the Fitz Roy range on our hike to Laguna de los Tres.