steel horse odyssey

steel horse odyssey

around the world by motorcycle


MalaysiaPosted by Jan Lamers 18 Apr, 2013 18:22:47
From the Cameron highlands I had a smooth 250 km ride to the island of Penang. After the problems with my bike in Tanah Rata I was very happy it performed well again although I am still not too confident. Georgetown on Penang island is a really nice city with a lot of character. I got a hotel recommended by a 65 year old Canadian who had been on the road for 40 years and who referred to himself as "an established traveller". So now I am in this hippie dive where guests have an average age of 62 and most of them seem to be around here for ages. Today I celebrated my one year on the road jubilee. April 18th 2012 I flew to Canada to start my world trip and today one year, in which a whole lot has happened, has gone by. Time sure flies...

tea time

MalaysiaPosted by Jan Lamers 14 Apr, 2013 11:24:28
The only cool place in Malaysia seems to be the Cameron highlands. At an altitude of 1500 meters the climate is very pleasant and you actually appreciate long trousers, a sleeping bag and a hot shower. The village of Tanah Rata is a former English hill station. The scenery is very beautiful with the green fields of the tea plantations on the hill slopes. Unfortunately my bike broke down again some 10 kilometers before Tanah Rata. As I was riding in a thunderstorm I guess some water came in through the air inlet. I managed to fire up the bike again and with only one cylinder working I entered Tanah Rata. Yesterday I cleaned the carbs and sparks plugs and now it seems to run ok again.

almost paradise

MalaysiaPosted by Jan Lamers 08 Apr, 2013 11:29:53

The riding pace in Asia is much relaxter than it was in South America. I am almost here for a month now and I have only done 770 km whereas on my way to Buenos Aires Argentina I did over 3000 km in one week. After Singapore I rode to Mersing and took the ferry to the Island of Tioman. White sandy beaches, blue water and palm trees. Could be Paradise if it weren't for the building activity that is going on here now. It is clearly off season and everybody seems to be refurbishing their beach huts or restaurants before the big influx of tourists in the summer. But is is nice and quiet now and a much better time to kick back than in peak season.

can't be much ...

MalaysiaPosted by Jan Lamers 25 Mar, 2013 08:35:59
... when it ain't Dutch. Yes we were here too to play our unsavory role in the history of what is now the city of Melaka. We chased away the Portugese and conquered Melaka in 1641. It was under Dutch rule for 150 years. Remnants of that period still to be seen are the town hall, the Stadhuys, the fortress with VOC (Dutch East India Company) signs, a Dutch grave yard and a fake Dutch windmill. Some Streets have beside their Malay name also a Dutch name, like Heeren street and Jonker street. Also the Christian church on the town square has been built by the Dutch.

religious attire

MalaysiaPosted by Jan Lamers 25 Mar, 2013 08:08:40
And of course every religion has its own attire.

losing my religion

MalaysiaPosted by Jan Lamers 25 Mar, 2013 07:25:28

Although mainly muslim you will encounter displays of different religious beliefs in KL. There are Buddhist, Taoist, Confucianist, Sikh, Hindu and Christian minorities. In various nooks and crannies of the city you'll find temples, mosques and churches. I visited the Sri Mahamariammam hindu temple, the Sze Ya Taoist temple, the Mashid Kampung Baru mosque and the Sikh temple, almost in the same square kilometer.

food stalls

MalaysiaPosted by Jan Lamers 25 Mar, 2013 06:14:28
As anywhere else in South East Asia, the food is spectacular in KL. Whether you go to a restaurant or to the side walk food stalls, it is always a treat. Because of the many different ethnic groups living in KL the variety in food is enormous. From Malay to Indian to Chinese to Indonesian to Korean to Nyonya (a mingle of Malay and Chinese) cuisine. I had some tasty Laksa, a spicy coconutmilk soup with vegetables, Char Keuy Teow, a fried noodle dish and some really good Indian food in the Little India district.

the KL melting pot

MalaysiaPosted by Jan Lamers 24 Mar, 2013 11:44:08

From Holland I got catapulted into another world, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Another world in terms of climate, scenery and culture. Apart from the huge Petronas Towers there are no big sights in KL, as Kuala Lumpur is called. But it is a very interesting city to explore with a peculiar mix of high rises, shopping malls, mosques and Taoist temples. KL's inhabitants are from many different ethnic backgrounds. Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Indonesian people all live together in this metropolis. We custom cleared our motorcycles at port Klang in a record time. For a change the procedure went very smooth thanks to our agent Kelvin Kang. After a couple of hours we were rolling into the city to our hotel in Petaling street, KL's China town town.