steel horse odyssey

steel horse odyssey

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perfect break

ThailandPosted by Jan Lamers 26 Apr, 2013 14:37:04
As I entered the city of Chumpon I was looking for a place to stay because I needed to break up my ride to the north. The city looked pretty uninspiring to me so I decided to move on a bit. On my gps I saw a small string of hotels right at the beach 20 km north of Chumpon. And that is how I ended up in Thung Wua Laen, by far the nicest stay I had so far in Thailand. Thung Wua Laen is developed for tourism but not to the extent of the big beach resorts like Phuket or Pattaya. It mainly caters to Thai tourism so you see hardly any Westeners around. I found a nice little beach hut where I had a perfect stay for a couple of days.

the thai smile

ThailandPosted by Jan Lamers 26 Apr, 2013 14:20:39

Although Thai people are renowned for their smile Thai customs officers at the border with Malaysia are amongst the most grumpy bastards I ever met. I needed to have my carnet de passages stamped and I got sent around from one counter to another, having to queue up every time for at least half an hour. Then they only wanted to stamp my bike in for one month whereas I had a two month visa for myself. It was only after I ran into a bunch of Malayan bikers, who apparently knew who to talk to, that they easily changed one month into two months. Via Trang I rode to Krabi, a nice ride through a hilly region with beautiful limestone formations. I visited the beach of Railay where the limestone cliffs rise out of the sea.

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