steel horse odyssey

steel horse odyssey

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brothers in arms

ThailandPosted by Jan Lamers 05 May, 2013 06:50:22
As I was riding around on my bike in the Sukothai historical park, where the ruins from the Sukothai kingdom can be seen, I saw an old BMW airhead parked next to the road. It belonged to Andy and his wife Eng, a couple from Singapore. Like me they had quit their jobs and were riding around South East Asia on a very well maintained R 100 RT from 1979. That bike is even two years older than mine and to me it was the nicest museum piece in the whole of the Sukothai historical park. Andy and Eng have a very similar itinerary so we might run into eachother again. It is always nice to meet some brothers in arms.

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Posted by Andy 07 May, 2013 02:42:24

I thought my hearing must have been playing tricks on me in sukhothai as I heard the sound of an airhead approaching from behind....i was thinking it can't be...turned around n to my surprise, I saw another airhead belonging to jan n it was nice to see another traveller doing the same south east Asia tour.