steel horse odyssey

steel horse odyssey

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ThailandPosted by Jan Lamers 13 May, 2013 17:07:47
Andy, Eng and I decided to ride together from Mae Hong Song to Pai. I was having breakfast when I saw two other bikers gearing up for probably the same route. After breakfast I met with Andy and Eng. After half an hour of riding we seemed to be held up by road construction work. But as we came closer we saw a dead body in a puddle of blood in the middle of the road. It was one of the two bikers I had seen one hour before at breakfast. We were shocked by what we saw and the image of the dead body on the road stayed in our minds the entire day. In Pai I met my friend Dee again, who lives here. I met Dee earlier in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. Dee thrashed me at playing table tennis but after a while I managed to steal a game from him. In the evening I rode back to my hotel after a very strange day.

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Posted by Linda and Andy 23 May, 2013 06:05:16

Woah. Full on. We have seen a few dead bodies on the side of the road this trip too, but to have seen the guy an hour before would play on the mind even more so. Anyway, l'm sure the sun has been shining and you're living life to the full. That's the best anyone can do. Happy travels Jan.