steel horse odyssey

steel horse odyssey

around the world by motorcycle


Hong KongPosted by Jan Lamers 10 Jun, 2013 04:42:19
We flew from Vientiane via Kunming to Hong Kong. Although we were only in transit in Kunming the Chinese officials didn't trust a Dutch Colombian couple and they took us apart. My passport was carefully checked by the immigration police and they had a special interest in all the stamps in my passport from drug related places like Curacao, Suriname, Ecuador Colombia and Peru. Finally they let us go and a new problem emerged. China Eastern airlines had changed Clarena's flights from Vientiane to Hong Kong. But the flight from Kunming to Hong Kong was operated by Hong Kong Airlines. They told us that China Eastern ailines was not allowed to change the flight. The Chinese f**** made us pay the flighy again! We were very pissed off and with all the discussion going on we nearly missed the flight as another Chinese customs f*** wanted to check our passport another time. But after all the hassle we arrived around midnight in Hong Kong. Here we could take refuge and we had no visa problems whatsoever. We are happy to be back in a first world place where things actually work and we are enjoying the last week of our trip in the spectacular city of Hong Kong.

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Posted by Frank van den Bergh 14 Jun, 2013 13:35:38

He globetrotter,

You really live your dream. Respect!

Enjoy Hong Kong and you're invited in Den Bosch to show us the photo's and stories that go along. Like in the old days.

See ya.